We offer reduced rates which, unfortunately, also still reflect the tax on accommodation that can not be waived. Accommodation is normally with own rooms but shared facilities.

Volunteers are expected to participate in the Ashram’s activities or to perform any given task though naturally we would try to harvest the most out of each individual volunteer’s skill-set.  Due to the current shortage of accommodation for our own members unfortunately we can only take one volunteer at a time which, combined with the very high demand on this currently, with our yoga focus, we are specifically targeting yoga teachers, and advance notice is required to ensure that we are ready with the program prior to your arrival.

Finally on volunteering, if you can afford it we encourage you to stay as a guest and volunteer your skills while you stay with us. This way you can also be a little more selective on the tasks you would like to volunteer and on the time of your choosing. Our rates are very reasonable and it all goes to support our ashram and our community projects.