House Yoga / Yoga Classes

Yoga has been central to our Ashram since its inception with our founder Ibu Gedong and her famous morning Surya Namaskara on the beach, and her sending young members to India to learn this ancient art. We have been re-emphasizing this practice after its earlier years of decline immediately following the passing of Ibu and it is now beginning to return to its central role, perhaps even with greater vigor.

Basically we now have ongoing Ashram 4 PM ‘House’ Yoga / Yoga Classes complemented by scheduled Bali Ashram Yoga Retreats (of ‘Dynamic’ Hatha and Ashtanga Hatha Immersions Retreats) for those wanting to experience a sublime retreat of yoga and tranquil Ashram living.

Reservations and cost

No booking is necessary for the Ashram 4 PM House Yoga, but you may ring 0363 41108 or email a few days in advance to, just to make sure it is on (or if you intend to come in a group of a number of people).

The fee is IDR 100,000 (plus donation, if so desired) per person for Ashram’s non-residential guests.

The 5.00 pm finish dovetails into the evening Puja/Agni Hotra fire ceremony with the Ashram members, a nice and natural sequence from the yoga sessions’ wind down,  at our Bale Puja (or Puja Building) seafront. During the busier months of July-August (subject to the availability of additional yoga teacher) we endeavour to have the house yoga sessions daily, but best to ring and check first.


4-5.00 pm  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays: Ashram 4 PM House Yoga

Primarily Hatha – sometimes Yin- Yoga,  open to public with donation of min. IDR 100,000 per class, but preference is given to house guests or retreat/workshop attendees (free), with all proceeds going to the Ashram. Participants are urged to join the members for an Agni Hotra fire ceremony puja immediately afterwards at Bale Puja as a continuation of its savasana meditation at end of the House Yoga class.

Yoga Teachers

Our resident teacher is the very experienced senior Ashram member and Indian trained Kawidana who takes the class  on Tues, Thurs and Saturdays, supplemented by another fully qualified volunteer yoga teacher, when available, on the other days.

Supporting Kawi and doing the one hour classes outside the above three days will be our young member yoga teacher Kadek Sudiarta who trained under the previous Ashtanga specialist teacher Ahimsaka during his years of stay taking the classes and leading yoga retreat and Ashtanga workshops at the Ashram.