Transport & Tours

Airport pickup, hotel transfers, and general tours

We can help you organise land tours for Bali’s East – Tenganan, Water Palaces, Lempuyang temple/climb, Amed, Budakeling or general area

Write an email to or phone +62 818 0538 2077 if you want to book in advance. Once in Candidasa, you can ask at directly at the Ashram’s Office.

Mr Belly (+62 819 1664 8385) is a very experienced and knowledgeable trekker, and we can help you book a trek with him.

Fisherman Ketut (+62 878 6183 2195) can take you snorkelling and also to Pasir Putih “White Sand Beach”.

Hill-temple climbing

There are a number of these in the easter region ranging from the not too far to the ones of about an hour drive from the Ashram. The bigger ones involved about an and a half of quite steep climbing to a height of around 1200 metres and it’s quite taxing and normally, if we do go, from experience we will schedule this about midway through our retreat to allow for extra ‘toning-up’ of normally unused muscles to reduce the climb’s after effect on calf muscles etc.

Water and City Palaces

The last rajah of the region built three. The well-known one is Tirtagangga, a beautiful, cool place of large ponds, fountains, flowers and ornamental fish. You can also swim here in a spring-fed bathing pool. About 40 minutes by car via Amlapura.

Nearer than Amlapura is Ujung which is more exposed and nearer the sea. It has been rebuilt since almost total destruction after the eruption of Gunung Agung in 1963 and is worth a visit.

Probably can fit both of the above (or perhaps just one of them) and a palace visit at Amlapura in about 3 hours, unless the group decides to have a dip at the Tirtagangga pool, rather chilly as it must be coming from a deep natural artesian spring water but heavenly in the middle of the day or afternoon in which case the second water palace in Ujung may have to dropped. Else we may reverse the route to visit Ujung first and then Tirthagangga with or without the swim depending on the time available and inclinations of the group.

Snorkelling off Candidasa Shore

One of our former Ashram members is a fisherman who takes guests for fishing/snorkelling trips in a motorised perahu with outriggers, and only when the sea is reasonably calm. Primarily there are two trips on offer: on to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ (about 30-40 mins boat ride south) and the other one is near the ‘Gilis’ (small islands off the Ashram, only about 10 mins ride).

Both are good to snorkel above submerged reef though I would recommend the one near the Gilis which I think is slightly better, also more chance encounter with turtles or dolphins, plus is only a few minutes boat ride, therefore more ‘seasick’ friendly. The only downside is that it requires calmer water due to stronger currents, but the boatmen will keep a good watch and call or pull you back if you stray too far from the group.

Must wear good hats and sun-screen as it’s an open boat and the duration is between one to two hours,perhaps three for the Blue Lagoon. Snorkelling gears are provided and he is a very dependable and safety aware operator, especially good with beginners or kids as he goes in the water with you. You pay directly to the provider, but we’ll organise the booking for you.

Bus to Ubud / Padangbai

Check Perama Bus Timetable and/or call their office for estimate of duration and stopovers of trip, not just departure timetable