Nature Cure Acupuncture Clinic

This has been running almost since the opening of the Ashram in 1978. Originally staffed by I Nyoman Sadra, the former Chairman of the Ashram, who is now the Vice Chair due to his new commitments as an MP for the Karangasem regency. He still practises at the Ashram clinic occasionally but the primary role  is now performed by Ms. Uki Ruktini.

The clinic opens on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 10 am onward but is best to ring through the Ashram 0363 41108 to reduce the chance of a long wait.

In September 2014 we welcome back the return of Pak Sadra’s more active role in our Acupuncture Clinic. We expect the Clinic to start operating six days a week except for Sunday soon.

The clinic primarily treats the people from the surrounding villages, the poorer one at that who often use the clinic as medical treatment as a last resort due to the high costs associated with traditional western medicines.

The service is totally free (or on donation-basis) to the villagers, but attracts a donation of a minimum IDR 50,000 for hotel or Ashram guests or expatriates.