Tenganan Village

About 5km from Candidasa is the famous ancient indigenous balinese village of Tenganan. A visit to see traditional village life including exquisite double ikat weaving and inscribed lettering on lontar palm leaf books is well worthwhile.

This place is quite well visited by tourists and generally I will only take the group there if we could get a good guide to accompany us. In the past we have been able to secure the services of Pak Sadra, Vice Chair himself, now the extremely busy MP yet still performs the acupuncture and overseeing the running of the Ashram. This is one of those things that we need to keep flexible with as often we only get a very short notice as to when Pak Sadra is available, if at all. As he is a native Tenganan and a former village chief, so absolutely no better person on the planet to show us around. His NGO involvement with some aid projects will also provide insights into some of the eco projects.



There a number of trekking routes available which we will organise through a local trekking operator, a very good and knowledgeable one with connection to the Ashram. The duration ranges from 3 or 4 hours (through an inland village, bamboo bridge crossing,paddy field, plantation and hill climbing and down to enter the ancient Bali village of Tenganan from the back) to a few shorter ones through the paddy fields etc. The former requires reasonable fitness.