The concept of paying guest

Apart from the primary source of income that helps pay for the Ashram expenses and community projects, the guest programme is quite important as it brings personal and cultural interactions for the Ashram members, hence making the Ashram more ‘alive’ than it otherwise would be.

Over the years and most notably during Ibu’s lifetime we have had a number of discerning guests that have become long term friends of the Ashram.

Idyllic site, spiritually conducive environment

At Candidasa we have the most unique site that is straddled by the tranquil, spring-fed lagoon on one side and the pounding waves of Lombok Strait/Indian Ocean on the other, overlooked by the sacred temple Candidasa nestled on the hills at the rear (the meeting of the sea, spring/fresh water and the hill is considered spiritually auspicious in Bali).

Take a nice journey off-shore in one of the fishermen’s perahu or sail boat on a clear day and you would see the imposing Mount Agung as if rising from the sea that would make one appreciate why this mountain has been so important to the psyche of the Balinese since ancient times.

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