About us

We are a Gandhian Ashram based at Candidasa, in the island of Bali, Indonesia [pronounced chun-dee-does-ah, indeed the old spelling was the more phonetic Tjandidasa]. We have been around since 1976 when the Ashram was founded by the late Ibu or Mrs. Gedong Bagoes Oka (1921 – 2002).

Originally named Ashram Gandhi Çanti Dasa (pronounced Shantih Dasa meaning Servant of Peace – a play of words of the village name, Candidasa), after her passing Ibu’s name was inserted in her honour, as well as to distinguish from the proliferation of ‘ashrams’ that Bali was experiencing at the time, to have Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa. However, locally and in bahasa construct our name is often shortened for simplicity to, and known as, Ashram Gandhi, Candidasa. Hence, our site name of AshramGandhi.com

We are delighted to welcome you to our web-home. To get the most out of the visit to AshramGandhi.com, which provides the more static information about the Ashram, it ought to be read in conjunction with the AshramGandhi Blog which provides the information that is more dynamic and interactive in nature. Both sites should provide you with practically most of the things you are likely ever to need, short of visiting the Ashram, the actual home, at Candidasa, Bali. Thank you for visiting our sites and please feel free to contact us for more info, make a booking, or simply to get involved in some ways.