NEW! Our gift-of-yoga Ashram Yoga Retreat/Workshop Program for 2015 (incl. Dec 2014):

Thanks to all our good friends, the scheduled 2014 Program has now been completed and a new 2015 FlyerBrochure is avail for viewing or download from our website. Also we're excited to introduce the twice a month (starting 1st and 3rd Friday EVERY month) 5Days/4Nights H2A Hatha2Ashtanga Workshop (ie this Dec it's 5-9 and 19-23 Dec so still time to book! then twice a month throughout 2015). These workshops will augment the proven and much loved 8Days/7Nights Hatha Retreats and 5Days/4Nights Ashtanga Vinyasa Immersion Workshops (in 2015 to run alternately on 16-23 and 23-27 March; 27 Jun-4 Jul and 4-8 Jul; 8-15 Jul and 15-19 Jul; 17-24 Oct and 24-28 Oct) and provide plenty of yoga retreat/workshop choices throughout 2015. Write to for more info or for the registration version of the 2015 FlyerBrochure.

Read what they say about our retreats/what to expect in the Testimonial with more relevant/info links in the Flyer. To stay in touch likes us! on Ashram FB Facebook Page

Welcome to our web-home!


We are a Gandhian Ashram based at Candidasa (pronounced chun-dee-does-ah, indeed the old spelling was Tjandidasa), Bali, Indonesia and we have been around since 1976 when the Ashram was founded by the late Ibu or Mrs. Gedong Bagoes Oka (1921 - 2002).

Although often still referred to by our original name of Ashram Gandhi «anti Dasa (pronounced Shantih Dasa meaning Servant of Peace - a play of words of the village name , Candidasa), Ibu's name was inserted in her honour after her passing (as well as to distinguish from the proliferation of 'ashrams' that Bali is experiencing) to have Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa.

We are delighted to welcome you to our web-home. However to get the most out of the visit to this web-home, which provides the more static information about the Ashram, it must be read in conjunction with the AshramGandhi Blog which provides the information that is more dynamic and interactive in nature. Both sites should provide you with practically most of the things you are likely ever to need, short of visiting the Ashram, the actual home, at Candidasa, Bali. Thank you for visiting our sites and please feel free to contact us for more info, make a booking, or simply to get involved in some ways.

Our vision

Can be stated simply - to translate Gandhian ideals of living into action and to promote a life of simplicity (which also implies sustainability and care for our environment), self-sufficiency and service to the community. Thus while ahimsa (nonviolence), satya (truth) and karuna (compassion and, by extension, universal brotherhood) are its guiding principles, in practice it is swadeshi (self-sufficiency) that shapes the Ashram's economic and productive activities.

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