Our gift-of-yoga Ashram Yoga Retreats Program for 2014:

Just this month (March)we revised our 2014 program and have added another one (in July, due to unprecedented demand) to make it 5 (five) back-to-back retreats - the normal 7day/7night Dynamic Hatha followed by the new more intensive 3day/4night Hatha Ashtanga Immersion yoga retreats (or 11day/12night combined retreat). The dates are 29 Mar - 5 Apr (Hatha, Jennifer Isaacson, incl Nyepi Day of Silence on 31 Mar); 5 - 9 Apr (Ashtanga, Ahimsaka/Edme); 28 Jun - 5 Jul (Hatha, Yvonne Haddleton); 5 - 9 Jul (Ashtanga, Ahimsaka); 10 - 17 Jul (Hatha, Yvonne Haddleton); 17 - 21 Jul (Ashtanga, Ahimsaka); 23 - 30 Aug (Hatha, Kawi & Ahimsaka); 30 Aug - 3 Sep (Ashtanga, Ahimsaka); 25 Oct - 1 Nov (Hatha, Haddleton or Kawi & Ahimsaka) and 1 - 5 Nov (Ashtanga, Ahimsaka). Download or view our pdf 2014 Program Flyer-Brochure.

29 March Retreat SPECIALS: Write to NOW! to find out

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Welcome to our web-home!


We are a Gandhian Ashram based at Candidasa (pronounced chun-dee-does-ah, indeed the old spelling was Tjandidasa), Bali, Indonesia and we have been around since 1976 when the Ashram was founded by the late Ibu or Mrs. Gedong Bagoes Oka (1921 - 2002).

Although often still referred to by our original name of Ashram Gandhi «anti Dasa (pronounced Shantih Dasa meaning Servant of Peace - a play of words of the village name , Candidasa), Ibu's name was inserted in her honour after her passing (as well as to distinguish from the proliferation of 'ashrams' that Bali is experiencing) to have Gedong Gandhi Ashram, Candidasa.

We are delighted to welcome you to our web-home and we sincerely hope that you will find most of the necessary info you need to visit or stay at our actual home at Candidasa, or simply to be in contact or get involved from afar!

We shall endeavour to update this web-home up to date but, as we build and fine-tune it, we will be grateful for any feedback to make it better at serving your wants and needs. We may not include or adopt your suggestions immediately - or to 'the letter' or even seemingly at all - but rest assured that in due course you will notice that implementable suggestions will be reflected in some forms in the incremental changes we make.

Our vision

Can be stated simply - to translate Gandhian ideals of living into action and to promote a life of simplicity (which also implies sustainability and care for our environment), self-sufficiency and service to the community. Thus while ahimsa (nonviolence), satya (truth) and karuna (compassion and, by extension, universal brotherhood) are its guiding principles, in practice it is swadeshi (self-sufficiency) that shapes the Ashram's economic and productive activities.

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