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"Earth provides enough to satisfy for every man's need, but not every man's greed"

M.K. Gandhi


While planning your accommodation or trip, perhaps bear in mind our BaliAshramYoga.com Retreats and Workshops with visiting and resident yoga teachers as detailed in www.baliashramyoga.com

Daily Rates, Airport Transfer, Bookings

Our daily bungalow rate per guest is IDR 350,000 plus IDR 100,000 per additional guest and IDR 50,000 per child under 14 years of age.

Volunteer's rate with own or shared room is IDR 100,000.

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All rates include three vegetarian and fish meals, morning and afternoon teas, house yoga (Tue, Thu, Sat worths IDR 50,000 for non-guests), participation at any of ashram's program and, by donation of IDR 50,000+, acupuncture treatment at our Nature Cure Clinic.

Internal and external views of our bungalows can be seen in  views of the ashram's bungalow accommodation


Booking or Enquiries


To book or enquire please email ashramgandhi@gmail.com or phone/fax +62 (0) 363 41108; or call/sms cellphone +62 (0) 8123 604 733


Airport Transfer


IDR 400,000 for the 1.5/2 hr, 90 km by ride by car

pls email provider baliwheels@gmail.com or

phone/sms +62 (0) 813 3864 4425  or 818 0538 2077 with flight details /  changes/confirmation for the airport pick up (please be mindful that the mobiles are often in coverage blackspots while touring  but sms will be replied as soon as possible).


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But please read on the important details such as restrictions and background..


How can I stay at the Ashram?

Often the more pressing question to the would-be/travellers to the island - but first a bit of background to ensure that Ashram experience is what you are after and on how we differ from the average hotels in Bali.

The concept of paying guest

Apart from the primary source of income that helps pay for the Ashram expenses and community projects, the guest programme is quite important as it brings personal and cultural interactions for the Ashram members, hence making the Ashram more 'alive' than it otherwise would be. Over the years and most notably during Ibu's lifetime we have had a number of discerning guests that have become long term friends of the Ashram.

Idyllic site, spiritually conducive environment

At Candidasa we have the most unique site that is straddled by the tranquil, spring-fed lagoon on one side and the pounding waves of Lombok Strait/Indian Ocean on the other, overlooked by the sacred temple Candidasa nestled on the hills at the rear (the meeting of the sea, spring/fresh water and the hill is considered spiritually auspicious in Bali). Take a nice journey off-shore in one of the fishermen's perahu or sail boat on a clear day and you would see the imposing Mount Agung as if rising from the sea that would make one appreciate why this mountain has been so important to the psyche of the Balinese since ancient times.

Volunteers Program

 We offer reduced rates which, unfortunately, also still reflect the tax on accommodation that can not be waived. Accommodation is normally with own rooms but shared facilities. Volunteers are expected to participate in the Ashram's activities or to perform any given task though naturally we would try to harvest the most out of each individual volunteer's skill-set.  Due to the current shortage of accommodation for our own members unfortunately we can only take one volunteer at a time which, combined with the very high demand on this currently, with our yoga focus, we are specifically targeting yoga teachers, and advance notice is required to ensure that we are ready with the program prior to your arrival.

Finally on volunteering, if you can afford it we encourage you to stay as a guest and volunteer your skills while you stay with us. This way you can also be a little more selective on the tasks you would like to volunteer and on the time of your choosing. Our rates are very reasonable and it all goes to support our ashram and our community projects.

The 'Ashram experience'

It is indeed an experience to be able to observe or participate in the Ashram's varied daily activities from the dawn puja, the yoga, right to the after dinner night time puja and discourse. Wholesome, authentic and sumptuous Balinese fish and vegetarian meals are served for the guests that - at the risk of blowing one's own trumpet - have been praised by many. Should you elect to venture outside, many sites are within relatively short distance for day trips and of course, our Ashram can organise a number of hikes through our nearby hills and fields, such as the one to the ancient village of Tenganan. For those preferring peace and quiet for meditation or plain solitude, our 'outpost' bungalows by the sea provide such retreat, and you will find that the serenity and the surroundings are very conducive to such pursuit.


The Rules & Restrictions

We are however aware that Ashram accommodation, be it as a guest, is not everyone's cup of tea. Consequently in an effort to prevent unnecessary disappointment as well as ensuring that our guests program does not in any way adversely impact the functioning of the Ashram, we have a few rules for our guests to observe for this very reason. We have to be mindful that some of the members are very young members who all live a very strict and austere Ashram life of chastity and any display of contradictory behaviours will be confusing to these young minds. It also about respect of people and communities that you visit, which is not a bad travel (and life) philosophy, so please bear these in mind if you feel that some of the rules below are a bit draconian!

Some of the more important rules are:

  • no sharing of bungalows for unmarried couples
  • no smoking or consumption of alcohol
  • no nude bathing and to be properly attired/covered whilst on the ground of the ashram
  • to refrain from tipping and should you wish to donate to the Ashram or assist with some of the member's continuing education, please contact the office or one of the senior members

If the above is impacting you then please feel free to discuss it with one of our senior members, we are here to implement the intent of the rules. You will find that there are many venues around Candidasa where you can take 'time-out' from our rules, or you may simply find that you may be better off to stay in a normal hotel, and we respect that. Staying as a guest at the Ashram is not for everyone.


Stay while also doing your bit..

Here at the Ashram we offer you the chance to share and experience our ashram life in the midst of unrivalled peaceful and serene compound surrounded by the sea and spring water lake, all from the relative comfort of our clean rooms with eco-friendly running cold water and mobile cooling fan to supplement the cool sea breeze. One perceptive guest, perhaps slightly exasperated with Bali's much travelled - and spoilt - Kuta, Nusa Dua and even the once relatively tranquil Ubud!, put it succinctly likening it to stepping into an oasis once you enter the Ashram compound.

We feel that for what we offer, our rates are very reasonable bordering on the budget category. Due to the combination of our unique ambience and affordable rates it is not uncommon for guests to stay much longer than intended with some staying for weeks and yes, months! We simply try to cover our expenses to make our Ashram more sustainable and as it is ours is a shoe-string operation utilising the various skills volunteered by a number of our Ashram friends.  Whatever little 'profit' we make is all channelled back to the Ashram to improve our services, be that maintaining our facilities, take more young members, send more members to tertiary education, or launch community initiatives.

Simply by being a guest and enjoy the facilities and the unique experience you also help our worthwhile cause going.


How do I get in touch?

For more detailed information on accommodation or anything else, please contact us on the address below

Gedong Gandhi Ashram / Ashram Gandhi Candidasa

Email> ashramgandhi@gmail.com

Web> www.ashramgandhi.com

Blog> http://ashramgandhi.wordpress.com/

Facebook Page> http://www.facebook.com/ashramcandidasa

Telephone and Fax> + 62 (0) 363 41108

Cellphone - call or sms> + 62 (0) 363 8123 604 733

Postal Address>

Gedong Gandhi Ashram / Ashram Gandhi Candidasa

Candidasa, Karangasem, 80851

Bali, Indonesia

  (when online we are also reachable on skype ashramgandhi )


Still no idea where we are? Map?

Yes we are on Google Map. Simply enter "Gedong Gandhi Ashram" (without the " ") in Google Map and you will find where we are.

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